The Final Cut

The truth about circumcision
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No professional organization of medical doctors anywhere in the world recommends routine infant circumcision, yet every year millions of newborn boys have their foreskins cut off. Some die as a result. Some experience surgical complications. All are left scarred for life.
If you are thinking about circumcising your son, read this book first.
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The author

Jonathan Meddings is a writer and human rights advocate from Melbourne, Australia. The author of more than 100 medical fact sheets and coauthor of peer-reviewed scientific papers and market-leading biology textbooks, Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science with Honours and a Bachelor of Arts with majors in philosophy and politics.  


Jonathan works as public policy professional in the community health sector, coaches the sport of fencing, and leads The Darbon Institute, an organisation working to protect and promote everyone's right to bodily integrity and autonomy in Australia and New Zealand.